Political ambiguity

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% Leah Rowe % 12 May 2021

I feel my political views shifting between different ideological centres. I feel like what I’ve been taught my whole life is a lie, but I don’t quite know how to say it.

I look at all sides and they are wrong. I feel like we are being misled against each other for a sinister reason. In recent months, new experiences in my life have put me in touch with people I’d normally ignore but now realize are mostly good people.

I currently don’t belong anywhere, politically. I’m in a very neutral place.

To put it simply: I can imagine myself being the ruler of the world one day, but I don’t know what political party I’d represent in that scenario.

My last article puts me on the leftwing spectrum, but I guess you could say I’m centrist these days. I have no idea where I stand, on anything.

I have conservative views on some things, and socialist views on others. And liberal views on other things.

I’m currently a mess of different ideological centres. That’s what I call them: centres (american spelling: centers).

I like this neutrality I’m feeling.

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